Just Pick A Framework!

“I’ve got an idea for a Thing! How should I start?”

Congratulations! Having an idea for a Thing is exciting. You probably want to jump right in and get started! You want to have a new skill, Making Things! And you want to see your idea become real.

Sidebar: What do I mean by a Thing? A thing could be a Mobile App, a fancy website (aka a webapp), or any other software thing that involves a lot of different overwhelming options!

You’ve searched the internet, and there are tons of different ways to make things. Java, Swift, Objective-C, Ionic, Angular, React Native, Vue, Flutter, React, Xamarin, NativeScript, JQuery Mobile, and hundreds more.

You want to make your thing real, and you want to do it right:

  • What framework should you pick?
  • Which one is easiest for you to learn?
  • Can you build the features you want?
  • How hard is it going to be?
  • Which option is the best?
  • Will you be wasting your time if you learn <FRAMEWORK>?
  • And how should you start?

To answer these questions, you would need to already know how to make a Thing. It’s a bit of a paradox, you need to know how to make a thing before you can learn how to make a thing. You feel like making the wrong choice now will set you up for failure. And you want this project to be different, you want it to work!

Welcome to Pick A Framework!

My name is Sam, and I’ve been building things for years. People are always asking me whether they should use Framework x or y.

That’s why I started Pick a Framework to help you choose with confidence and start your creative journey off right.

I’ve written about:

And a bunch more! I’m always writing new stuff. You can always find them at pickaframework.com/articles.

I’ve also written an email course on Feature Fishing, my process on how to do effective research on web and mobile frameworks. You can sign up right here! ⬇️