Just Pick A Framework!

“I’ve got an idea for a Thing! How should I start?”

Congratulations! Having an idea for a Thing is exciting. You probably want to jump right in and get started! You want to have a new skill, Making Things! And you want to see your idea become real.

Sidebar: What do I mean by a Thing? A thing could be a Mobile App, a fancy website (aka a webapp), or any other software thing that involves a lot of different overwhelming options!

You’ve searched the internet, and there are tons of different ways to make things. Java, Swift, Objective-C, Ionic, Angular, React Native, Vue, Flutter, React, Xamarin, NativeScript, JQuery Mobile, and hundreds more.

You want to make your thing real, and you want to do it right:

  • What framework should you pick?
  • Which one is easiest for you to learn?
  • Can you build the features you want?
  • How hard is it going to be?
  • Which option is the best?
  • Will you be wasting your time if you learn <FRAMEWORK>?
  • And how should you start?

To answer these questions, you would need to already know how to make a Thing. It’s a bit of a paradox, you need to know how to make a thing before you can learn how to make a thing. You feel like making the wrong choice now will set you up for failure. And you want this project to be different, you want it to work!

What if you could pick a framework with confidence?

How much easier would it be to get started if you could make technical decisions as easily as you picked which frozen dinner to buy at the store?


  • You wouldn’t have to read 50 more articles on language x VS y.
  • Your brain wouldn’t be constantly asking “This is hard, maybe I should give Framework z a try…”.
  • You could move the project forward and know it’s going in the right direction.
  • You could finish your Thing!

And while you’re thinking about that developer heaven… What if you could instantly see the benefits and drawbacks of different options? What if you understood what was important to development, to your users, and to getting your thing done?

My name is Sam Borick, and I’ve been building things for years. People are always asking me whether they should use Framework x or y.

That’s why I wrote Just Pick a Framework to help you choose with confidence and start your creative journey off right from day 1, without the stress, worry, and framework regret.

When you read Just Pick a Framework you’ll understand…

  • how to evaluate a framework objectively
  • how to stop worrying and get building
  • which framework is right for you

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